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American Specialty Directors & Officers Liability Insurance Program

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Directors & Officers liability insurance, broadly defined, covers legal costs, judgments and settlements resulting from suits and other legal proceedings brought against the entity’s Board of Directors, Officers or the insured entity itself for allegations of wrongful acts, errors, and omissions.

Covered claims can result from exposures such as discrimination against a rider, spectator or other constituent; wrongful termination of an employee or volunteer; mismanagement of funds; or, negligence involving decisions that affect participants and others.

Directors & Officers liability insurance can be thought of as malpractice insurance for the organization and those who manage your club.

Coverage is available for most clubs for the following premium:

$550 (plus $50 Purchasing Group Membership Fee) for a $1,000,000 limit
$850 (plus $50 Purchasing Group Membership Fee) for a $2,000,000 limit

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Please note that this Policy is written on a claims-made basis. An extended reporting period may be available on this Policy. Please refer to the Policy Form or contact us for details.

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**LOUISIANA: Coverage for Louisiana clubs/entities is no longer available through this program.

Who is eligible for this coverage?

This coverage, brought to you by the American Specialty Sports & Entertainment Purchasing Group, is only available to non-profit organizations affiliated with sports and recreation organizations.  Also, the annual revenue of the organization must be less than $1,000,000.

If your organization has revenues that exceed $1,000,000, please contact American Specialty at 1-800-245-2744 to discuss your coverage options.

Premium is non-refundable under any circumstance.